As a global campus Althash University (Alt+U) is not attached to any territory of any country or state, we exist as an open university for all. We offer access to knowledge creation and production of knowledge economy to people around the world.

About the Program

Founded in 2015 as the International Online School of America, the first online class was held in Mauritius in July 2019, the platform has gone on to reach students across Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South American continents. It has been able to spread its tentacles in achieving this feat with no tuition fees demanded from the students. Participating countries include Brazil, Mauritius, South Africa, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea , United States, Malaysia, India, Ghana, Singapore, Spain ,Germany, Russia, Lesotho, Kenya, Zimbabwe, China, Gambia, Sierra-Leone, and Nigeria.

Courses on its ladderized blockchain curriculum are divided into three broad spectrum categories, namely: Foundation Certification, Core Certification and Specialized Certification. These groups span courses on Introduction to Blockchain Studies, Decentralized Applications, Cryptocurrency & Decentralized Finance, Software Development, Blockchain Economy & Tokenamics, Blockchain Leadership and Administration, Blockchain Profession, as well as Community Development Seminar-Workshops.

Alt+U is a global campus aimed at advancing the blockchain technology, artificial learning, and related fields. With this, the Althash education platform has broken into a frontier of unlimited possibilities. This program is 100 percent online. Alt-U is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) initiative that is not affiliated to any agency, state or country. You may fulfill your requirements within the certificate program with a mixture of semester-based and self-paced courses. Althash University is not an accredited educational institution. Althash University is a private online education provider that is not accredited and does not confer any traditional degrees.

The online certificate program from Althash Education is a ladderized structure that can help you prepare for a career in a blockchain enabled field. If you want to start a career in the blockchain space or work toward a digital economy profession, this may be the program for you. Fellowship is awarded for deserving students.