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Alt+U College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) is the educational gold standard, and the abilities you gain to advance professionally have the greatest impact on your career. We offer a wide range of courses, diplomas, and boot camps, all of which are designed to equip you with practical and valuable tools and skills that will help you advance in your career. A career in the insurance industry or elsewhere is a good fit for our program, which is designed for people who want to advance in their current position. CCAPS provides seminars, workshops, and courses to assist you in furthering your professional development.

You will be instructed by professionals in the field. It is impossible to overstate the expertise of the seasoned specialists who teach CCAPS courses. These professionals are thought leaders in their fields who impart well-informed and practical knowledge in a pleasant and engaging manner.

Learn skills that you can put to use right away at your place of employment. Including practical skills on your resume will help you stand out from the crowd.

CCPS is a global educational institution that provides education to adults from all corners of the globe. It provides online and in-person courses, certificates, and degrees in a wide range of disciplines to students worldwide. Students can select from a number of different delivery methods, including synchronous and asynchronous learning options. As well as career-oriented programs, CCPS offers a wide range of enrichment programs that are designed to provide personal enrichment opportunities.


A variety of courses and programs are available to students to help them develop the skills they need to be successful in their careers. Programs in business, law, and health care are available at the College of Charleston Professional School. There are a variety of online degree programs available through us as well. Because of these programs, students can study from any location in the world.

Members of the faculty

The College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCPS) is home to a distinguished faculty that is committed to teaching and assisting students in achieving their educational and professional objectives. Many of the faculty members have years of professional experience in their fields, and they are enthusiastic about passing on their knowledge to the next generation.

At CCPS, we have a plethora of talented faculty members, as well as many others who are equally knowledgeable and dedicated to assisting students in their academic endeavors. The college's faculty is one of its greatest assets, and it is what distinguishes CCPS from other educational institutions.

Employment opportunities are highly valued by employers for the skills and knowledge that our graduates bring to the table. Critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration are all skills that our graduates possess. They are also well-prepared to deal with change and to take on new challenges as they arise. Business, law, government, education, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations are just a few of the fields in which our graduates have found success.

The advantages of pursuing a degree from the College of Continuing and Professional Studies are numerous.

Online and evening courses are available through the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, making degree programs more accessible and affordable for working professionals and students alike. A long history of service to students who want to continue their education while working full-time or raising a family has been built up at Central Connecticut State University. As a result of providing degree programs that are relevant to the needs of our students and employers, the college has established a reputation for academic excellence.

Our Mantra...


We understand that learning is beneficial to everyone.

We engage people humanely

We assist people in navigating complex systems.


We believe that education improves people's lives.

We are inquisitive, and we feed our desire to learn.

We value education as a lifelong process.


We embrace all people and respect their diversity.

We believe that learning is enhanced by diversity.

We take a comprehensive approach to our students and one another.


We cultivate deep bonds with one another, our students, and our communities.

We think that working together produces greater results.

We are open and honest, and we promote open and honest debate.


We create programs that address current issues and emerging trends.

Our students are challenged and inspired by us.

We provide outstanding service and assistance.


Faculty-Led Certification Program


Gain Fellowship I Learn Blockchain I Create Digital Asset I Explore Use Case I $3.1 Trillion Industry



Althash University offers a great opportunity to learn about blockchain. The instructors and staff were very knowledgeable and accommodating. This certificate program offers a wide variety of topics in the blockchain space including healthcare, finance, and decentralized apps. I highly encourage anyone who is interested in learning about crypto and blockchain to consider Althash University as a quality source of tech education.

-F.L. Brandon, Batch 8

Blockchain Studies

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cryptocurrency Analytics

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Opening Program


The Ladderized Certificate Program 2020 is designed for learners who do not have a background in the blockchain space and related disciplines. It aims to test the current theory and best practice in the field.

The student in this ladderized program will:

    • Learn the core concepts of blockchain technology;

    • Examine best practices of cryptocurrency & financial technology;

    • Apply emerging models in tokenamics & decentralized finance;

    • Evaluate various monetary theories;

    • Analyze blockchain use case applications;

    • Create software applications through smart contract;

    • Produce relevant methodologies in blockchain studies; and

    • Create sound processes in the digital economy.

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