Collegiate of Science Program

The Ladderized Certificate Program is designed for learners who would like to have a background in the blockchain space and its related disciplines. It aims to test the current theory and best practice in the blockchain space. This is a nanodegree program of the College of Continuing and Professional Studies.

The student in this ladderized program will:

Learn the core concepts of blockchain technology;

Examine best practices of cryptocurrency & financial technology;

Apply emerging models in tokenamics & decentralized finance;

Evaluate various monetary theories;

Analyze blockchain use case applications;

Create software applications in the blockchain space;

Produce relevant methodologies in blockchain economy; and

Create sound processes in the digital economy.

The Collegiate of Science nanodegree is a professional fellowship awarded to deserving students.

The program awards 3 certification levels purposely developed to gauge the competency skills of the learner, namely:

  • Certificate of Participation

Week 1 & 2- No-Prerequisite, complete all Certificate of Attendance courses.

  • Certificate of Completion

Week 3 & 4 - Complete all Certificate of Completion foundation courses, except the capstone.

  • Collegiate of Science (CSc)

Week 5 & 6 - Complete Collegiate of Science in Blockchain Studies by defending BLKN 499 Capstone Project


  • Online or Hybrid

General Requirements

  • Highschool Diploma

Length of Program

  • 6 to 8 weeks

Core Course Requirements

  • Area of Specialization Courses (40 contact hours or 4 to 7 semester credit hours)