Johannes Dowe, BS, BA.

Assistant Professor

  • Faculty of Blockchain Studies

  • Information Technology Consultant


Continuing & Professional Studies Faculty Member

Courses Developed and/or Taught

  • Within my lectures I am trying to lift the curtains to the backstage a bit. With questions like Whats Hash, Whats Keys or Whats Projects we will look into the underlying mechanics why and upon which concepts things will work.

About Me

Consulting, teaching and explaining many fold details of how things do or even should work is a substantial part of my daytime job as an IT consultant. While my studies of electro technics and computer sciences i started teaching to pay my bills. I helped aircraft builders, electronic builders or media designers to pass their exams in math, expertise and material physics and since then i never really stopped to provide courses and workshops, mostly in favor to support a life long learning vision not only for my listeners but for myself as well as each new day holds its new developments, insights and inventions.