Salman Haider

Associate Professor of Practice

  • Department of Blockchain Solution Architecture, Program & Faculty Chair.


Ph# +92-307-2995335

Continuing & Professional Studies Faculty Member

Courses Developed and/or Taught

  • CSc Blockchain Studies

  • CSc Full Stack Blockchain Development

  • CSc Blockchain Solution & Software Architecture

About Me

Prof. Haider is one of the pioneers in the world of Web 3.0 and Blockchain. He is considered one of the youngest & most successful Web 3.0 entrepreneurs with 7 years of hands-on experience of Architecting & Developing the secure Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Complex Software Systems. He is the top-searched Blockchain Architect and ranked #1 on Google & LinkedIn.

He has completed his Master’s in Computer Science and Master’s of Science in Computer Science with a revolutionary research thesis in Quantum Computing. He has also earned several certifications and nano-degrees in Project Management and Blockchain Specialisation from Google, IBM, MIT, State University of New York and University of Buffalo.

He has been working in the Blockchain Space for the past 2 years with an in-depth and diverse experience in developing and architecting DeFi, FinTech & Metaverse Softwares. He is one of the few Blockchain Finance Advisor & Auditors who has extensive experience in Auditing and formulating tokenomics for Utility based Blockchain Applications.

He is the first Blockchain Architect who has successfully implemented the Solution for Inter Blockchain Cross-Bridging between EVM & Non-EVM compatible Blockchains. He is also recognised as the first of few Architects who has proposed the architecture of cross-bridging between SmartContract enabled & Non-SmartContract Blockchains, this solution has also addressed the biggest challenges of Bitcoin bridging with EVM Chains.

In his leisure time, he travels across country to learn about the history, tradition and culture. He has climbed various mountains in Northern Pakistan and camped in several undiscovered valleys of Pakistan. He is a multitalented individual from being an IT Professional to a soulful musician and writer.