Graduate Diploma PROGRAM

A graduate diploma (DG, GradD, GDip, GrDip, GradDip) is a certificate obtained after completing a first degree. It is usually of a shorter duration than a degree course and should be seen as an additional specialization that enhances an individual's overall employability.

A graduate diploma is a post-baccalaureate academic or vocational qualification obtained after completing a bachelor's degree. It is usually granted by a university or graduate school and typically takes two terms to complete. Academic graduate diploma holders may be able to pursue a master's degree on an accelerated track in specific situations.

A graduate diploma is typically a postgraduate degree, though some graduate diplomas include undergraduate-level coursework. A successful award allows progression to a master's degree without having obtained honors with the bachelor's degree. Postgraduate diplomas have lately gained popularity since they allow graduate-level specialization courses to be finished in half the time it takes to complete a master's degree while still being transferable to a master's degree in the same area. All of this for less than the cost of a master's degree.


  • Online or Hybrid


  • Bachelors degree or higher

  • 3 cumulative GPA


  • 1 to 2 semesters


  • A minimum of 21 graduate credit hours to qualify for graduation in program.

  • Below are possible course requirements, ask the department for more details.


One of the following research courses (3 credits) or as required by the department.

  • REAS 520 Introduction to Research Methods

  • REAS 521 Graduate Statistics I

  • REAS 522 Graduate Statistics II

  • REAS 525 Qualitative Research

  • REAS 527 Quantitative Research

  • REAS 526 Advanced Technologies in Qualitative Research

  • REAS 531 Program Evaluation

  • REAS 590 Workshop in Research and Assessment

  • REAS 720 Advanced Research Methods

  • REAS 739 Fieldwork Methods

  • REAS 745 Interpretive Methods

  • REAS 746 Interview Methods

Core Courses

Five of the core or specialization courses (15 credits) or as required by the department.

Cognate Course

One of the cognate course (3 credits) or as required by the department. This is a student selected course, with the guidance of the academic adviser.