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The arts and humanities are fundamental to the university's ability to provide a high-quality education by discovering, creating, and disseminating knowledge of human experience, thought, and expression that cultivates intellectual breadth, promotes ethical understanding, builds identity, and embraces diversity. We give unrivaled chances for global and civic participation because we are deeply involved in the lively cultural life of our international students. Faculty members lead their disciplines in bold, creative research on a wide range of issues, from historical to present social movements, and from ancient texts to digital art and literature. Through a wide and rigorous curriculum, students receive specialized and interdisciplinary understanding of people and their cultures, as well as the skills necessary for life in civil society and leadership in a growing global community.

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Goal 1: Produce graduates with the knowledge and abilities to lead in their areas while also preparing them for local and global citizenship.

Goal 2: Establish and support a world-class arts and humanities faculty.

Goal 3: Demonstrate how the arts and humanities are essential for a well-informed citizenry and problem-solving in a varied society.

Goal 4: Increase contact between Alt+U teachers, students, and staff across campus and beyond by expanding and improving both physical and virtual places to foster vibrant and collaborative intellectual communities.

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